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build resilience and take you towards sovereignty. 


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A world in crisis where you can be part of the solution

Burning earth

The challenges we all are facing right now are significant – within health, economy, and ecology. 

The whole world is going through an evolutionary Rite of Passage. 
This uncertainty - and feeling of urgency can create frustration,
helplessness, deeper separation and unease.
It can also kickstart your addictions and primal coping mechanisms. 

But it is also an opportunity to step up, evolve
and become a new Human Being. 

The change starts with You – and within each one of us. 
You have the opportunity to dive inside of yourself, transform
and be the change you want to see in others. 

The Wildman and Wildwoman call you back to your roots: 
- to leave addictions and take daily empowering actions 
- to strengthen your body, mind and circulate the life force energy. 
- to step up and start thriving from our Heart and Soul 

You are the change you want to see in others. 


You will do these practices:

Leave your addictions
Bad Habits and Addictions are the silent thieves of your life force energy. It is time to take control of your addictive mind and empower yourself with small daily empowering actions and biohacking techniques.

Empower your Body
You will learn different archetypal workouts that will empower you and support you to let go of stress. You can begin the day from a place of mental clarity and power.
You will increase your vibrations, change how you think, feel, and act on a daily basis.

Use Your Rocket Fuel
Athletes, boxers, and spiritual practitioners have known it for years.
Your s.. life force is your rocket fuel that can transform and take your life beyond what you could imagine. You can experience so much more pleasure and intimacy. 

Powerful and Dedicated Group Practice
It will be so much more fun and easy of doing it together.
The gift of being seen, accepted, and challenged by others is huge.
We meet every week to set up our practices and commit to each other.
You have also the possibility to have an accountable "partner" as extra support during the challenge.

How is it like?

14-day scheduele
  • Register for the challenge and you will get access to all the different workout/practices to the different archetypes.

    Day 1: Wildman/Wildwoman
    Day 2: Self Practice - Wildman Workout pre-recorded
    Day 3: Yin Practice Day
    Day 4: Self Practice Day
    Day 5: The Warrior Workout
    Day 6: The Lover
    Day 7: Recorded Webinar
    Day 8: The Wildman/Wildwoman - a bit different
    Day 9: Self Practice Day
    Day 10: The Magician
    Day 11: Self Practice Day
    Day 12: The way to the Heart
    Day 13: The King/Queen
    Day 14: Celebration Webinar

  • Access to FB Wildhuman Tribe forum to share experiences and receive support.

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Patrick Austria
"I´m touching my physical limits in the workout. I feel relieved, clear, content, empowered and connected. My fear of vocal expression is faced. It´s like a daily transformative ritual.... a perfect start on a day.
Ben Belgium
"Good morning everyone, just finished my workout for today, an amazing one, like everything followed up perfectly, the shaking was amazingly relaxing and I had a full body orgasm during the relaxing part just before the meditation, what a feeling!!! Every man should be able to experience this and live his best version.
wildman landing
Jacob The Netherlands
This has been a life changing experience for me. I’ve had more intimate conversations with brothers here than I’ve had with my wife for years. I’ve gradually rediscovered intimacy with myself and am on a journey towards setting my own example for how to be a man, embracing my masculinity and becoming a healthy role model for my seven-year-old son. Take the full advantage of the 21-

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