Kundalini Yoga

About Kundalini Yoga


I have for the last year practised kundalini yoga. I find it as the most powerful forms of yoga and I also enjoy the dynamic aspect of it. It is a great way of embodying yourself and opening your energy channels, the nadis, by doing the practices. It will support your sexual life force energy flow more freely in your body. It focuses on awakening your kundalini energy. 

I give you here some of the warm-up exercises of kundalini. It can be a great start to the Wildman Workout or it can be an alternative some days to the Workout. 

I understand more and more that dynamic meditations of Osho and Wim Hoff breathing techniques are coming from the tradition of Kundalini yoga.

Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the west. If you want to read more about the exercises and develop your own practice - more kriyas, please check out: 3ho.org

I hope this is Kundalini practice will support you to find a deeper embodied experience - and take you a step towards an energetic full-body orgasm.