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40days Tantric Sadhana Practice


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Have you noticed that you have more negative thoughts when you wake up in the morning than the rest of the day?
It is because your cortisol level is higher in the morning and you will be easier triggered in the morning.
When you start the day on the yoga mat, where you consciously breathe, stretch and move your body,
all these body fluids and cells will start cleaning and communicating with each other again.
Your mood will gradually change and you can change the start of the day.
The morning practice is setting the tone and the rhythm for the rest of the day. 
It is a key to embody and increase your life force. 

Still, most people struggle with the regularity of it and they are not able to commit to it on their own. 
It is the reason why we have set up a 40-days sadhana practice, where you will be able to have a daily morning practice 4x a week.
The sadhana practices are inspired by kundalini yoga, active meditations, breath-work, ecstatic dance, qigong, workout and power yoga. 
There will be different practices with different levels of intensity every day.
You will be able to adjust your level of intensity.

You will also get support to leave addictions and keep and circulate your sexual energy.
You will also have access to recorded versions on the other days or if you would like to do the practices at other times of the day.
You will also have access to a "buddy" group that will support you in the process.
Included is also a forum where you can share your experiences. 

This is an invite for you to commit and relax into a masculine group structure to activate more lifeforce in your body.
You will start the day by feeling amazing!

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The 40-days Tantric Sadhana Practice


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