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I want to challenge your 7 days to:

Empower your Body
I will give you a fun and powerful workout that will empower you and you will let go of stress in the body. You can begin the day from a place of mental clarity and power. You will increase your vibrations, change how you think, feel and act on a daily basis.

The Wildman Workout is amazing to open up your blocked energy channels.
It will also support you to release any stress and support you to stay in connection with your own body, emotions and start the day from a flow state.

The Sequences of the Wildman Workout

Phase I: The Warm-up:
I suggest that you go for a walk, run or dance in order to warm up the body.
Then do the qigong movements to connect us to the ground and the sky above us:

The Second Phase: HOO
Hoo is designed for you to unblock your base center and ground yourself deeper. 

The Third Phase is the Work-Out phase.
You do the push-ups, sit-ups, side-sit-ups, the plank and jumps or squats. The purpose is that you find your edge of the strains and go a bit beyond.

The Fourth Phase is Shaking and The Trauma Release Excercise
Let the shaking come from deep in the legs and allow the movement to be random. The Trauma Release Exercise is helping you to release stress and tension in the muscles and the body. 

The Fifth Phase Meditation
It is time to come to silence and relax the body and mind. Sit up straight and observe the breath.

How is it like?

About the program
  • Register for the challenge and decide how many times you want to work. 

  • Make a commitment how many times you want to do the workout in the 7 days. 

  • Get a clear understanding of how to do the Wildman workout. You can, of course, watch the video while you are doing it.

  • You will receive daily motivational videos to deepen the different practices in the different phases of the Workout.

  • Access to Wildman Brotherhood forum to share experiences and receive support.

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Patrick Austria
"I´m touching my physical limits in the workout. I feel relieved, clear, content, empowered and connected. My fear of vocal expression is faced. It´s like a daily transformative ritual.... a perfect start on a day.
Ben Belgium
"Good morning everyone, just finished my workout for today, an amazing one, like everything followed up perfectly, the shaking was amazingly relaxing and I had a full body orgasm during the relaxing part just before the meditation, what a feeling!!! Every man should be able to experience this and live his best version.
wildman landing
Jacob The Netherlands
This has been a life changing experience for me. I’ve had more intimate conversations with brothers here than I’ve had with my wife for years. I’ve gradually rediscovered intimacy with myself and am on a journey towards setting my own example for how to be a man, embracing my masculinity and becoming a healthy role model for my seven-year-old son. Take the full advantage of the 21-

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