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Patrick Austria
"I´m touching my physical limits in the workout. I feel relieved, clear, content, empowered and connected. My fear of vocal expression is faced. It´s like a daily transformative ritual.... a perfect start on a day
Ben Belgium
"Good morning everyone, just finished my workout for today, an amazing one, like everything followed up perfectly, the shaking was amazingly relaxing and I had a full body orgasm during the relaxing part just before the meditation, what a feeling!!! Every man should be able to experience this and live his best version.
wildman landing
Jacob The Netherlands
This has been a life changing experience for me. I’ve had more intimate conversations with brothers here than I’ve had with my wife for years. I’ve gradually rediscovered intimacy with myself and am on a journey towards setting my own example for how to be a man, embracing my masculinity and becoming a healthy role model for my seven-year-old son. Take the full advantage of the 21-day

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