Mission Statement

The WildHuman inspires people to align with their true nature, own their sexuality, live their life purpose and create healthy relationships.

The Wildhuman has cutting edge initiation processes to support men and women to empower themselves, become sovereign humans that make a difference in the world.

A Wildhuman seeks the truth and is heart centred.

A WildMan and WildWoman are balancing the masculine and the feminine energies, and have the courage to explore both polarities.

He/she is grounded on the Earth, connected to the divine, owning the sexual energy and live a life of deeper meaning and purpose.

A Wildhuman seeks cooperation and having healthy strong relationships
with others, the earth, the animals and all beings.

When that is not possible, he/she tries to make as little harm as possible, and seek non-violent, no-cooperative resistance.










Paal Buntz

The Founder of The Wildhuman Program

PAAL is an experienced workshop facilitator and coach.
He is the founder of The Wildman Program,
where he has guided several 100s of men to find their Masculine Power
and more profound confidence in bed, relationship and in life.

For over 25 years has Paal passionately explored deeper levels of consciousness
through tantra, shamanism and different healing modalities.
Paal is a certified integral sexologist, tantra teacher and bodyworker.
He is also an accredited coach/therapist (NLP/The Journey).


My Journey

I was a typical Mr Nice guy that was well liked and had good friends, but I wasn’t having as much sex as I wanted and I definitely didn’t feel powerful around women.

My father died when I was only 11 years and it created a masculine wound. What I didn’t want to acknowledge was that I had shame and problems to be strong and a safe masculine partner for my partners. I learned later that this came from old s-exual habits, experiences in my childhood, family patterns and social conditions.

1111 days

The Journey of Personal Development

I wanted to grow and tried to heal myself through doing personal development courses, therapy, and coaching educations. It helped, but I didn’t experience the quality of intimacy and presence that I was longing for.  I felt that sex (now I know that it was the ejaculations) made me weaker and I was losing my energy while I was in a relationship. I felt the relationship was not worth it since I really wanted to grow. For many years, I ran away from opportunities for deeply committed relationships and focused more on studying different kinds of personal development and spirituality. I wasn’t ready to admit to myself that I was living a Pure (spiritual) life.

Paal Prayer

My tantric journey

When a relationship ended, I understood that I had to do something about my s-exuality and to strengthen my relationship skills. I was ready for Tantra and went on an intense journey in a crazy wisdom tantra school. I discovered how much more energy I could have by conserving my life force energy. I became happier, pain in my body and shame disappeared. I learned how I could have intimacy that nurtured my energy and being on a daily basis. Gradually I developed the presence that I needed to be in a long-term intimate relationship that supports my spiritual growth.


The Wildman

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 Alexander Cottle

A leader in Training and an Assistant

Alexander is also holding Wildhuman Workouts
and add a deeper yoga and meditation vibe into the sessions. 

He is also a Certified Meditation teacher, transformational coach
and founder of the ‘Unmasked Man’ & ‘Unmasked Tribe’.  

My Journey

Alexander is deeply passionate and dedicated to guiding men and women to step into their power and fulfil their potential. Leading through embodiment, Alexander has overcome many struggles on his journey, enabling him to hold space from an empathetic and relatable place.
He believes that through true authenticity and vulnerability we can drop into a better relationship with ourselves creating a compassionate and grounded approach to self-healing.


His Experiences

He has facilitated all around the world, including Thailand, India, Europe, as well as offering online private and group sessions. Alexander hosts weekly Men’s Circles & Mixed Circles and runs retreats each year locally in the UK and abroad. His most recent project is collaborating with Paal, the founder of the ‘Wild Human Programme’, helping create a special tribe of committed souls to support, stand up and unite globally.


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