Congratulations on joining the 21-day Challenge

Welcome - I am so happy you joined. Here are the next steps for you to start the challenge.

1) Start with the warm up-exercise:
The best way you can start is to log in and do the warm-up exercise to find an even deeper motivation to do this 21-day challenge. You then need to set up your practice and make your commitments. You will get access to them on the course platform.

2) Get access to the course platform:
You will receive an email with the headline: You have been granted access to a course.
Here you will find login information to the 21-day challenge. You can log into the course here:

3) You will receive daily emails during the challenge.
I will send you daily emails, I give you two days to prepare for the challenge.

4) Please, Join the closed Facebook group. 

5) Join the 4x a week "live" workouts. 
They will take place Mon, Wed and Friday at 7 am CET. Saturday at 9 am CET. 
Here is the Zoom code you need to access:

6)You receive an email with this information too.
All of this information will be sent to you on an email as well.

7) If you have booked coaching sessions:
Make contact with when you want to start the coaching.

Enjoy the journey!! 

If in trouble to find the email with the login information
A) search in your spam filter.

B)If you can´t find it in the spam filter: Go to the login page: for a new password.

C)Still not in - send an email to