Welcome to The 1-Year Wildman Facilitation Training

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You are Ready to Stop Compromising!

You have done your inner work!!

You want to live from your heart and soul!!

And you want to support others to do the same!!

You want to make a difference because your actions matter!!

You are ready to share your own story and live your life!

It is more painful to hold back, than taking the risk of failing!!

You are ready for the next steps.....

Living from your Life Purpose and Soul Purpose.

We need a new type of men, a new type of Leader, like you!

Men that are aligned with their soul and speaks the truth.

A Leader that is brave and yet vulnerable.

A Leader that take a stand and yet willing to listen and learn. 

I believe you are that type of man!!

Brother, WELCOME to the Wildman Facilitation Training

Why take The Wildman Facilitation Training?

You want to make a difference - you have a message to the world!

Your Voice matter, Your Actions Matter!!

You want to live a more profound purpose in your life.
 You are tired of giving your balls away to your boss or colleagues. 

You want to master and live what you have been taught!
You want to live it 24/7.

You want to inspire others to awaken their potential.
You want to make ur self and others!!

You are ready to find and live your Truth.
Not anybody else truth or my truth. YOUR Truth!!

You are ready to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life.
No excuse! No one to blame! You are the creator of your life!
The shit – is your Shit. Your glory is your Glory.
That is what creates presence, masculine power and makes you attractive.

You want to be able to live from your purpose!
Your soul aching for you to share it and
your balls want you to make a living out of it!!

Yes, I am ready!

By taking The 1-year Facilitation Training you will undergo these trainings: 

The Wildman Program and assisting in one
The Wild Embodiment
The Wild Intimacy
The Teacher Training
The Accreditation Weekend

Wild Embodiment

Be in flow

Wild Intimacy

Last longer
Consensual sex
 The art of touch
 Explore deeper
Take her to God

LP/Teacher Training

The inner map

1-1 coaching
1-1 "therapy"
Holding groups
Shamanistic Journey
Funnel building


Live it
Assist in WMP
Teach it

How is it like?

About the program

• You are expected to do the Wildman Practices every day for a year!!
You need to live what you want to teach!!

• If you haven´t taken The Wildman Program you will start in January.
If you have, you will assist in it or assist in the next one.

You will attend 4 In Depth Workshops during the year:
1) Wild Embodiment
2) Wild Intimacy/Lovers Touch,
3) The Life Purpose Training
4) The Accreditation Weekend.

• We will meet up every 2nd week on Zoom and it will be expected that you set up a plan for your life and business. There will be different themes every time.

• You will have 6 x 1-hour coaching with Paal during the program.

• You will have 3 x 1-hour supervision coaching with Paal.

• Powerful Brotherhood that is empowering you and keep you accountable. 

• Access to a secret forum to share experiences and receive support anytime.

• If you qualify in the training, you will get access to the Wildman material for your own business with a commission rate. 

The Wildman Program

Wild Embodiment

Wild Intimacy

Teacher/LP Training

The Next Level of Brotherhood

Men coming together in Koh Phangan

I believe you know the power of good Brotherhood - it is time to take it to the next level.  

You will meet Brothers that are on the same mission as you are. They will keep you accountable and you will keep them accountable.

As a teacher, coach and someone living his life purpose, you will be tested on your path. If you don´t do your practices, it will be seen. It will effect your business and your relationships. It is another level of responsibility.

The Brothers are there to keep you in check. I will keep you in check!! We see each other and practice radical honesty!!

I promise you.....

......that the Facilitation Training will challenge you and support you to take your life to the next level. I will do my best to make you ready to teach, coach or live your Life Purpose.  

......that the Wildman Facilitation Training will change your life if you give your best into this training. 

.......that the Wildman Facilitation Training will support you to be a Wildman In Bed and in Your Relationships.  

.....that it will be something that you have never experienced before!!

You are ready for this!!

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Money-Back Guarantee

I promise you I will deliver you the best quality possible and that the course will be of the highest standard. I only want to have satisfied clients, so if for any reason should not be happy with the training after 1 month, provided you have been following the exercises and instructions, you will get the money back.

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