Who is sitting on your Inner-Throne?


Have you claimed your inner throne yet? 
Are you taking 100 % responsibility for your life? 
Do you trust yourself, your inner voice/heart, and dare to live a life on your conditions? 

The Wildman fairytale tells us that we can always ask for help/advice, but at the end of the day we have to live our own lives and take the consequences of our actions. 

Do you blame your parents or a partner for your shortcomings in life? 
Do you give away your power to your partner? 
Do you still act out on addictions? 
Do you easily give away your power to a teacher, need to go to another workshop, or follow another teacher's new videos, books, or writings? 
Do you have a boss or colleagues at work that is continually challenging your inner throne or taking your throne? 
What are your main excuses for not living a fully truthful life?
Do you not dare to share your gifts because you are afraid to be judged? 
Or do you think you know and can do it better, but don’t dare to do it? 
Do you postpone your true longing in life and to live the life that you want? 
Or is nobody sitting on your inner throne – not you? 
Do you forget to listen and act upon your quiet inner voice? 

It is time to check and find out who is sitting on your inner throne.
Do a short meditation and ask yourself the question:

Who is sitting on my inner throne? 


  Meditate and Inquiry into your Inner King


I want you to do the inner King meditation every day the next coming week:
I want you to sit in silence for a few minutes. 
Sit in the posture of a King. 
Straighten your back. 
Open your chest. 
Breath deep. 

Make a prayer and ask to be connected to your Higher Self and your Integrated King energy. Ask your self, how can you strengthen your relationship with your inner authority, inner wisdom, and Higher Self?

Write some answers in a diary:
I want you to write a diary every day the next week where you write from the inner king, giving you advice about how you want to live your life. 

Take at least 5 minutes a day – it is good to do it after your workout, you can also do it in the evening and write some lessons from your day.
What you learned and how you can be more faithful to your self?
How do you live in alignment with your Higher Self? Your Truth?
How do you give yourself away for short time love, appreciation, approval?
For survival, for adapting to your relationships or for sex?

How can you strengthen your connection to the Inner King archetype?


Now you have found out who is sitting on your throne. 

Let us learn more about The King Archetype.

Learning more about the King Archetype