Welcome Jeppe and Anna


Hi Jeppe & Anna
I am really happy and excited to take you on a journey of relationship coaching.

I believe this is an amazing opportunity and a great investment. 

Think about how much time, energy, thoughts that we are using in a relationship.

You know how good it feels when the relationship is good and you also know the opposite.

My intention with the coaching is to bring more clarity about yourself, your partner and that you both have a deeper understanding of the dynamic that is taking place in the relationship.

When you know the deeper dynamic and when you know your part in it, then it can be easier to make changes for yourself and the relationship. 

I will change the coaching based on your needs and wishes in the moment, but will also try to give you different practices you can use right away. 

I am looking forward to going on this journey with you. 

All the best,

First Coaching Call

Let's dive deeper into the dynamic of a relationship.

We begin by being aware of the intention of being in a relationship.

What is your intention/expectation of being together?