Different words and meanings for love

Words for Love

Very few words have so many meanings and have been so misunderstood as the four-letter word love. Let's check out what the Greek philosophers had to say about love. 

The greek had different words for love:
I Agape – unconditional love
II Philautia – self love
II Ludas - lust
III Eros - attraction
IV Storage – emotional bonds 
V Libido – sexual attraction
VI Philea – deep friendship
VII Thanatos - death
IIX Pragma – mature, committed love


I Agape or Unconditional Love

What is love

The ideal for every relationship is unconditional love or agape love. Our deepest essence is unconditional love, and it is our biggest challenge to live in life, especially with an intimate partner. Everyone wants a partner like that, but how many can give that to their partner?

My intention with the Wildman Program is to make you ready to practice a more in-depth way of experience love. We do our workout, own our sexual energy, know our childhood patterns and learn new ways of practising tantric love. We take responsibility for our triggers and have discovered methods to express our needs, wants and limitations. We have embraced the inner warrior, and we are taking steps towards our life purpose. We move towards a lifestyle that supports who we truly are. The more we are sincere and love our selves, the easier it will be to be in a relationship with another. Going into and being in a relationship is one of the most magnificent mirrors to see how far your spiritual practices have come. 

We are taking steps towards becoming a more sovereign human being – a Mature Lover. The more we can live in a secure attachment, the better the relationship will be. 


II Phileautia – Self Love

Deep breathing

Most people look for a relationship because they are unhappy with themselves and their situation, and seek a partner to fill a hole within themselves. They do not manage to own themselves and their emotions and look outside (a partner) to become happy. Sadly, this is a craving that can never be fulfilled. It is an unrealistic expectation we are putting on our partner. I believe these childish expectations are often a significant hindrance to a real deep relationship. One of the reasons for we practice self-love, remove addictions and knowing our core patterns are that we will get to know our cravings and practice deeper self-love. The more you do, the faster you can catch yourself playing out unhealthy habits that are not appropriate in the situation. Our partner is a great mirror, and her support and challenges can become an opportunity to cultivate an even deeper presence. To have a deep sense of self-love is the best place from which to start and be in a relationship. We can see our intimate relationship as a playground of deepening this love for ourselves and our partner. 

Since none of us had “enlighten” parents or environment, we have been conditioned in some way by stressful or more or less traumatic experiences. Scientist claims that 80 % of our personality is formed by the age of 7. We have not learned what true love is. Our partner and we have developed strategies to get this love, appreciation or approval. These strategies are what is making problems in the relationship. The more we become aware of these strategies, the easier it can grow to love.

Take some time to consider the following questions:
How can you deepen your self-love?

What kind of expectations do you for a partner in an intimate relationship? If appropriate: What kind of expectations does your partner have on you? 

Why do you want to be/or why are you in a relationship?

What is your greatest challenge in an intimate relationship?


Let continue to have a deeper understanding of what Love is.

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