Preparation for the Kings Speech

Charlie Chaplin

Now it is your turn to prepare you to hold Your Inner King speech. 

I want you to access your inner king and hold a speech from the presence of the Inner King. I want you to share your guiding principles and values, what you believe in that is nurturing The Integrated inner King, your life, and the life you are caring for. 

Here are some good speeches that can give you some inspiration: 

1) Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator:

2) Martin Luther King – I have a dream

3) Robert Kennedy speech after the death of Martin Luther King: 

4) Steve Jobs famous speech from Standford University: 


How to write your King's Speech?


Here are some points that can support you to prepare your speech:
A) Know your AUDIENCE!! 
And HOOK them in with the core conflict they are facing!! 
- WHO are you going to talk to?
- Who are they? What do they do? Think. Feel.
- Talk to them as your friend!! Care about them. Have empathy!! 

B) WHAT are their most significant PROBLEMS (concerns)? 
- how do they feel about it
– create empathy.
- what do they think about it? 

- What do they do? Or not do about it.
- create understanding with them - use examples.
- it is good that you have had the same problems. Interested in solving their problems. 


C) What are their HOPES, DREAMs, and VISION for life?
- how will your steps create that life?
- How will they feel? How will they think? What will they do when they have made this? 

D) What kind of STEPS do they have to take to come out of the problems and towards their potential?
- what steps do you believe they need to take to change this. 

- doesn't have to be like this. Use examples. Known stories. 

Some of my steps:
1) Man up – have discipline. Do your morning practice. Cultivate Presence
2) Stronger together - Brotherhood.
3) Setting boundaries – for yourself. Commitment. Integrity. Accountable. Trustable. Daring to go into conflict. Values. Fight for your life. Then for others will respect me, trust. Boss. Woman.
4) Start living life purpose. Do what you love doing? You have transformed your shadows and transformed them into gifts for others.
I) Speak the truth 
II) Alignment to yourself. 
III) Align yourself with other people that speak the truth.
IV) Share/serve your gifts with your surroundings. 

- What have you done to come out of your problems? Use your self as an example. NB! This can also be. How many have I coached/training/education – credibility. 

F) Call to ACTION
What can they do right now? 
Today. What is their first step to change this? 

How to deliver the Speech?

Kings Speech

1) Preparation, preparation, preparation. 
Practice. Practice Practice.
Write it down. Points. Learn almost by heart. Trust your intuition. Trust the moment. Play with it and change it during the way. Your presence is what is most important. 

2) Be emotional present. 
Do the noticing game for 3-4 minutes - what do you see, hear, smell, taste, sense, think, feel, and what body sensations do you have? 
Make an invocation/prayer/setting your intention for the speech. 

3) Embodiment and trust yourself 
Slow down. Slow down. Speak 30 % slower. Let the words come to you. Wait for the words. Trust the words. Follow your golden thread in your story. Speak from your heart. Transmission!! 

4) Speak to one person, your avatar. 

5) Know the outline of your story 
Write down the story, make it to points – practice, practice. Throw the story away. Trust your intuition. Follow the golden thread
Have fun. Trust yourself. Surprise yourself. 


Now it is time for you to write your initiation speech as a King: 


Bonus - The Hermetics Laws

Hermetic Laws

The universe runs on natural laws. When we take the time to understand these laws, we can use them. We can leverage them and move through this life with greater understanding and be in more flow. We can take full responsibility for what is happening and create the life we want.

It is an old tradition stemming from the gnostics and probably even before that. So, there has been a long tradition of ancestors that have been brave to speak or live the truth in hidden societies. Today, we can use youtube and share the same ideas. I am optimistic on behalf of our population. It is worth checking out around divine principles and laws.

All the laws are interconnected. It is in one-way one law but put into seven laws so that it can become easier to understand. 

1) The law of mentalism
Everything that you are experiencing is what you are believing, and you are thinking about it. Everything is relative and can be seen in another light or from another angle. Based on your vibration, you will see what reality you believe in. Most people visualizing their future and crave for what they want. The problem with this is that they are in a future that is not here. Instead, become what you want and feel and do what you really want. 

2) The Law of Correspondance
Everything that you see outside of you will be a representative of what is inside of you. What is inside will be represented in the outside. Everything in the universe has a correspondence. Everything is connected with a vibration. 

3)  The law of vibration
Change your vibration, and you will change your manifestation. What you think and say will become a reality. So, be mindful of your intention, what you are thinking and what you say. 

4) The Law of Rhythm
Everything has a rhythm and a time. If you have low vibration, it takes a longer time to manifest. Higher vibration manifests faster. Know that it is normal that things go up and down and that you have mood swings. When you are sad, go within before you are going out to manifest. Find your rhythm. 

5) The Law of Cause and Effect 
Are you ready to take full responsibility in your life for what you are creating and not creating? Are you prepared to say that I manifest it, to everything in your life? If you have low vibration, you will attract less attractive things into your life. High vibration and you will attract better things into your life. Find out how you created what you created. 

6) The Law of Polarity 
Everything has a minus and a plus pole. Everything is medicine, and everything is poison. If you have amazing things into your life, be ready also to experience the opposite. Everything has a gender – masculine and feminine. We create, and it will be destroyed. 

Congratulations!! I am proud of you and what you have done!

Thank you for all the efforts that you have brought into this Program.

You are a Hero!! You are a King!!

Let's continue to take up the Good Fight with Life.