Congratulations! You inner Wildman is Free in bed!



You inner Wildman is pretty free in Bed.

You are on your way to become 
a Multi-Orgasmic Man

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Thank you for being honest and taking the Wildman Sexual Quiz. You have already taken important steps to become a better lover for some years. You know the importance of leaving porn and embody your sexual desire.

You are probably removed a lot of shame around your sexuality and transformed it into more pleasure and free expression in bed. Your sexual partner probably enjoy being with you in bed. Your sexuality is a great benefit for creating deeper bonds with your sexuality. 

There are still potential to take your sexuality to an even deeper level. It might be areas where you compromise yourself - either your desires or places where you are not daring to speak the truth. It might be places in your body where you hide shame or guilt for your sexual being you are. 

I would really recommend that you receive a tantric massage from a good Tantric Bodyworker, attend a Tantric Course or take a personal 1-1 coaching where I can give you the final advice for how you can take your sexuality to the next level. The Wildman Program has also modules around Conscious Sexuality and Lovemaking that will support you on that journey.

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Welcome to The 21-Day Wildman Challenge

Yes, I am ready to make a big change in my life. I am interested to learn how to leave Bad Habits, do a morning practice and learn how to master my sexual energy. It is a powerful challenge for men that is ready to Empower themselves and Find The Wildman inside. 

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Chris The Netherlands
I have struggled for years to build up energy in my cock. This led sometimes to premature ejaculation and kept me preoccupied with fear of cumming. Within 3 weeks my kundalini was opened and I could focus on learning how to circulate energy and have full-body orgasms now. Thank you, Paal for supporting me and guiding me in my process. You are a true brother.

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