You're sexual wildman is still in the water!



You're Sexual Wildman is still in the Water.

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Thank you for being so honest in the Wildman Quiz. We, as men, have a tendency to act like things are better than they are. We often want to hide our vulnerability and not share how it really is. Every hero´s journey starting with accepting how things are in this moment. I want to appreciate you for doing just that. 

Most men have never worked consciously with their sexuality and there is a lack of knowledge how to not suppress and not act unconsciously out our sexuality as men. The good news is that it is not that difficult to make a change when you are getting motivated and committed to making a change. I am here to support you in that if you want. 

I believe that your addictions and lack of sexual practices probably affect your quality of life and energy levels. You might be feeling that sexuality is in charge of you instead of you being in charge and mastering it. The lack of being in charge of your sexuality might affect your self-esteem and self-confidence. It might affect your attractiveness around attracting a partner and your ability to stay strong in a relationship. It might affect the working situation. It might affect your relationships and how you are interactions with others.

I believe your ability to be in charge of your sexuality will determine your quality of life. I believe it is one of the root causes of all your addictions. So, if you master it, you will master many other things in your life too. I believe you can have the life you really want, but then you have to master your sexuality, have discipline and be committed in your practices. 

Yes, it can be difficult, if you don´t have time or energy for it. Still, I believe you have the choice where you focus. Do you focus on the opportunities or do you focus on all your challenges? Do you focus on what is already great in your life – no matter of small that is – or do you let your mind focus on the negative? Today, I want you to focus on the opportunities and what is already great in your life.

I know that you have a hidden Wildman inside of you that can make a change. I know that you are also stronger than you think. I want to challenge you to grow. I want to challenge you to face your problems with your full strength.

I want to welcome you either to The Path of the Multi-Orgasmic Man or The 21-day Wildman Challenge. The Path of the Multi-Orgasmic Man focus on your sexuality and the 21-day Challenge focus on that and leaving other addictions as well and doing the powerful Wildman Workout for 21-days as well. 

Scroll down and read through the options, I have for you!! 

I see you there!

Invitation to The Path of The Multi-Orgasmic Man

Are you interested in working more on your sexuality?

I have put together a powerful course that will show you how you can take control of your sexuality. You will get powerful practices to last longer in bed and take control of your sexuality. 

Info about The Multi-Orgasmic Man

Welcome to The 21-Day Wildman Challenge

Yes, I am ready to make a big change in my life. I am interested to learn how to leave Bad Habits, do a morning practice and learn how to master my sexual energy. It is a powerful challenge for men that is ready to Empower themselves and Find The Wildman inside. 

Info about the 21-day Wildman Challenge

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