Meeting Challenges?

Facing Challenges?


Even though you have learned the fundamentals there will come up many questions and ways for the mind to find a way out to have an ejaculation.

As I have been writing to you, I believe in having a firm commitment. The longer you are able to keep your sexual energy, the more energy will your body, mind and emotions get. You will increase your vibrations. Saying that you might need to go through periods where you might feel a bit crazy. You might get thoughts like: "if I am not having an ejaculation now, I will go crazy." 

I will say - breath, relax and maybe wait with masturbation for a few days. Now that this will also pass. You neuro system is gradually getting used to having more energy in the body. Be physical active and maybe go for a walk in nature. All is good ;-) 

You might meet a new partner and she wants you to ejaculate.... (too feel loved...)

I promise you, the temptations and challenges will come. Stay strong and be in your center. I promise you, it will pay off. 

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Congratulations you have completed the course!!

Keep your sexual energy, do the practices and you will be able to last so much longer in bed and take big big steps towards becoming a multi-orgasmic man. Keep using the forum to ask questions to deepen your practices.

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