What to expect of going the path?

What are the challenges of non-ejaculation and no-porn

Porn is taking you away from your body and you are not really feeling your pleasure. You get a sense of that the pleasure is out there - in your partner. When you are using porn, you have a tendency to objectify your partner. You have a tendency to be rejected since you are projecting your pleasure on your partner instead of feeling it inside your body. 

Here I share my personal journey

I started with personal development, coaching, inner therapy and meditation. But there was something that was not working around with my sexuality and relationship. I felt often weaker in my relationship. After a relationship ended, it was finally ready for tantra. Here I share some of my journey.

My Vision for the Sexual Empowered Man

We need a new type of man that is owning his own sexuality. There is often a lot of shadow around sexuality - active or passive shadows. Men have a tendency of wanting to perform, be the super lover-lover and move to fast in lovemaking. Many men are also resentful for not getting sex from their partner. It all comes back to each man and their relationship with themselves. Here I share my vision for a better sex-life with better connections. 

About Deeper Tantric Lovemaking and Sexual Ravishment

The tantric path is to strengthen both your masculine and feminine qualities inside of yourself. When you are keeping your sexual energy for some time, you might feel frustrated. You need to learn to conduct your the life force energy and your pleasure and the pain. When you do you will be able to transform and relax more in your body. You can then be able to bring this into your bedroom and while having sex with your partner.