Be supported to increase your vibration by:

  • Empowering Your Body - WildHuman Practice 4x live a week 
  • Leave bad habits
  • Take control over your Sexuality
- in a strongly committed container of a community that wants to grow and support each other.

Empower your Body

You will have fun and empowering embodiment practices live on Zoom 4 times a week.
It will be a jammy mix of kundalini yoga, Qigong, Active Meditations, workouts, breathing exercises and ecstatic dance. 
After the practice, you begin the day from a place of mental clarity and power.
You will increase your vibrations, change how you think, feel and act on a daily basis.

Leave Bad Habits and take empowering actions instead
Bad Habits and Addictions are the silent thieves of your life force energy. It is time to take control of your addictive mind and empower yourself with small daily empowering actions and biohacking techniques.

Use Your Rocket Fuel

Athletes, boxers and spiritual practitioners have known it for years.
Your sexuality is your rocket fuel that can transform and take your life beyond what you could imagine.
So to you Warriors out there: No porn and no ejaculation for a month!!
If you will learn techniques on how to last longer in bed and take steps towards becoming a multi-orgasmic man,
then I have a special offer for you in November!!

Find an Accountable Buddy and be supported by the group 
It will be so much more fun and easy of doing it together.
The gift of being seen, accepted and challenged by others is huge.
We meet every week to set up our practices and commit to each other.
You have also the possibility to have an accountable "buddy" as extra support during the challenge. You will also in the "live" version be added to a forum where you are able to share your experiences and ask questions.

The Power of Community


Join a group of dedicated practitioners to deepen your practices and stay on the path.

It is much EASIER to do it together. 
It is much more FUN doing it together.
And we support each other to stay on track and grow.
Doing the morning practices together and
setting our commitments for the week.

Join the community today!

The WildMHuman Ongoing will Empower your Body, Mind, and Sexuality.


Loose weight
Remove stress
More flexibility
Be in flow


Be at ease
Higher motivation
More Clarity
Be Inner thriven
Deeper meaning
Powerful actions


 Have fun
More energy
 Deeper intimacy
 More confident
 Multiple orgasms


More fun
Dedicated people
Inspire each other
Accountable Buddies
New friends

How is it like?

We are an intimate community that wants to serve each other to have a daily practice.

You are also invited to leave addictions and keep your sexuality. Each week you will share your commitments on the forum and empower yourself with daily practices to be the best version of yourselves. We know that the long term commitment is making a change.
It is so much easier to do it together.

The WildHuman In April

  • Live Workouts on Zoom every week. (see schedule)
    We meet Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
    A total of 17 different workouts.
    (Value €199)

  • Setting our Commitments on Saturdays
    We meet after the practice on Saturday to share, commit, support each other
    (Value €99)

  • Accountable buddies to support you to keep your commitments
    (Value €49)

Only €49 for April €349

Join now

+0% VAT


The Wildhuman April Offer

  • Live Workouts on Zoom every week for 1 month (see schedule)
    We meet Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
    (Value €199)

  • Setting our Commitments on Saturdays
    We meet at Zoom to learn, commit, support each other
    (Value €99)

  • Accountable buddies to support you to keep your commitments
    (Value €49)

  • Download the pdf of The Multi-Orgasmic Man/Woman.
    (value € 59)

Special offer for April €79 €449

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+0% VAT