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Your Inner Wildman is Hidden in the Lake

Thank you for being so honest to take the Wildman Workout Quiz.

According to the quiz, so have you done some work to empower your masculinity and take care of your body. 
Your daily practices are probably not so consistent and there is potential for growth. 

You will probably have some good moments in life and moments where you self-sabotage. 

These old patterns can sometimes take over and take you in the wrong direction and sabotage your success in both professional and personal life. 
I believe you are feeling that you feel that you are chasing after life rather than mastering it. 
You might sometimes feel tired and that life sometimes is not providing you with what you really want. 
You might feel that you are not enough and that you lack masculine power.
Know that is very normal for many men. 
It is not that difficult to make some improvements.
By making some small steps forward every day a lot can change in a short period of time.

Know that it is normal to not have enough time to do exercise and do "inner work".

And your body, mind and emotions are paying a price for that. 
I guess that you are sometimes acting out some addictions or bad habits to be able to relax for a moment.
It can be social media, youtube, TV, food or sugary products.
Because of that, it is easy to gain a few extra kilos and lack some motivation and energy.

You might also have a tendency to look outside yourself for sexual satisfaction. 
It can be through porn or a partner. 
Know that it is normal to use sex to connect deeper to your body
or to get some emotional connection or a release. 

When we look for sexual gratification outside ourselves,
the quality of sex is often not so good.
You might be rejected by your partner and don't have as much sex as you want.
You might also masturbate just to get to sleep, but when you wake up you are very tired.

I believe you took the quiz because you want to make a change. 

I believe that inside of you there is an even bigger potential for better health.
I believe it is not so much about time.
It is how you use your time and the possibilities to change some small habits.

I believe it is always possible to become 1 % better today than yesterday.
And think about how much better you will become in a year.

And honestly - What is more important than your health?

Yes, you might be important to others.
But if your health is not good, you can't really be there for others.
It is easier than you think to make a change. 


5-steps to masculine empowerment

I Want to Support You to Take the First Steps

I have created a FREE E-course: 5 steps to Masculine Empowerment to you.
You might already do some of these practices, but I want to support you to become even better and more consistent at what you are doing.  

It is my basic practice that I have been doing more or less daily for 6 years. People that practice with me really love it.

When you are starting the day in a good state of mind, you can start the day from a flow state and gratitude. 
You can bring that to the rest of the day. 
To practice this every day until you become more and more consistent and live in inspiration throughout your day, the week and in your life. There is always room for some small improvements.

You might not be aware of how you use your sexual energy. Our sexual energy is rocket fuel for growth. 
When we are keeping our sexual energy, then we have a great chance to master our state of mind, our desires and also our suffering.
We can start living our life from a "full-tank" and inspiration will be a natural state of mind. When you fully master this, you will be able to fully free your Wildman and live your life purpose.

I will touch into all of these subjects in the FREE course - 5 steps to Masculine Empowerment.

We are here to Love and be Loved.
We are here to serve and share our gifts.

Life might challenge us at times, but it is all worth it and you are on your way to mastering all areas of your life.

Keep going and keep thriving!!

I see you very soon in the 5 steps to Masculine Empowerment!!

Click the button below and I see you in the 5-steps to Masculine Empowerment.

I see you and I am waiting for you!!

Let's be Wild Together!!

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