Your inner WildHuman is present and alive!

You have already done a great job, still I want to support you to continue to strengthen your relationship with the WildHuman inside of you.
I, therefore, want to welcome you to the 7-day WildHuman Workout Challenge.

There are a few things that can be great to know:

1) I have sent you two emails:
- One email to wish you welcome to this challenge.
- One other separate email to log in to the course platform. 

2) The Course Platform
The course platform will give you access to the whole 7-day challenge and the different videos.  Each day you will also get a deeper understanding of the different phases of the WildHuman Workout. You can log-in here

3) Explanation and access to The Workout 
Here is an introduction to the workouts. I have made one for 20 min, 30 min and one that is 56 minutes so that you can choose which one is best for you. 
Introductions to the Workouts are here

4) The Facebook Forum
If you want to meet others doing the Workout and share their experiences, then 

Join the Wildman Facebook Tribe here

Scroll further down to read more about your WildHuman results.


Scroll further down to read more about your Wildman results.

Discover your WildHuman Quiz results!

Thank you for being honest and taking the Quiz.

You are already doing a lot of good things for your personal and professional life. I believe you have consciously worked to improve yourself for some time and you are on your right way. You have some very good routines that hold the self-sabotage behaviours on some distance.

You are in touch with your inner WildHuman most of the time. You have a pretty good quality of life. There are still some areas where you are probably not living up to your full potential. You need to become more consistent or develop your practices to take it to the next level. Daily morning practise will make you start the day in flow.

The WildHuman Workout can support you to take your life to the next level. When you are starting the day in a good state of mind, you can plan your day and see how long you can stay in a good state during the day. To practice this every day until you become more and more consistent and living in inspiration throughout your day, the week and in your life. 

If you find this challenge a bit easy, then I can recommend you to spice up the challenge by taking away an addiction or keeping your sexual energy too.

If you find the challenge to easy you can go straight to the 21-day Challenge, you can read more about it here.

Instructions to the Wildman Workout

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