Your Wildman is hidden in the Lake

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Thank you for being so honest to take the Wildman Quiz. You have probably gone through some rough days lately. Life is sometimes testing and challenging us to the bone. Your addictions and lack of healthy practices affect your quality of life and energy levels. You might have the feeling that you are running after life and reacting to events over which you seem to have little control, rather than being the master of it. It might make you feel powerless at work, in relationships or in your interactions with others.

The good news is that it doesn’t take so much to change. What can you do differently in the next hour? What can you do different today? What can you do to empower you in the next few days?

You have the choice where you focus. Do you focus on the opportunities or do you focus on all your challenges? Do you focus on what is already great in your life – no matter of small that is – or do you let your mind focus on the negative? Today, I want you to focus on the opportunities and what is already great in your life.

I believe you have been taken by your challenges and problems in the past. I know that you have a hidden Wildman inside of you that can make a change. You are stronger than you think. I want to challenge you to grow. I want to challenge you to face your problems with your full strength and with the support of other men.

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Welcome to The 21 Day Wildman Challenge:

I believe you are tired of compromising yourself. You are tired of giving yourself away – to numbing down, please or burst out in anger.

It doesn’t work – either in your relationship, at work, in bed or in life in general.
It is time to make a change, to begin your hero’s journey to be wild and be empowered.

I want to challenge you for 21 days to:

Leave Addictions
Empower Your Body
Take control over your Sexuality

- in a strong container of Brotherhood


I'm interested in the 21-Day Challenge