Your inner Wildman is hidden in the lake.

It is time to make a change - and it is not so difficult.

I believe you are ready to make a change since you have signed up for The Wildman Workout 7-day Challenge!

There are a few things that can be great to know:

1) I have sent you two emails:
- One email to wish you welcome to this challenge.
- One other separate email to log in to the course platform. 

2) The Course Platform
The course platform will give you access to the whole 7-day challenge and the different videos. Each day you will also get a deeper understanding of the different phases of the WildHuman Workout. You can log-in here

3) Explanation and access to The Workout 
Here is an introduction to the workouts. I have made one for 20 min, 30 min and one that is 56 minutes so that you can choose which one is best for you. 
Introductions to the Workouts are here

4) The Facebook Forum
If you want to meet others doing the Workout and share their experiences, then become a member of the tribe here

5) Scroll further down to read more about your Wildman results.

Discover your Wildman Workout Quiz results!

Thank you for being so honest to take the Wildman Workout Quiz. 

You are probably living a busy life.
You might be caught up in many responsibilities.
The life of supporting others or the pressure of life take you down.
You probably feel that you are not enough.

And it is normally not enough time to do exercise and doing "inner work".
And your body, mind and emotions are paying a price for that.

I believe you took the quiz because you want to make a change. 
I believe that inside of you there is an even bigger potential for better health.
I believe it is not so much about time.
It is how you use your time and the possibilities to change some small habits.

I believe it is always possible to become 1 % better today than yesterday.
And think about how much better you will become in a year.

And honestly - What is more important than your health?

Yes, you might be important for others.
But your health and well being are depending on how good you are feeling and the energy level you have. You need to have some fuel.

The Wildman Workout is there to give you some fuel in the morning or during the day. 

It will support you to be clear out negative emotions, strengthen your body and make you more resilient towards stress and unexpected situations.

I know that you have a hidden Wildman inside of you that can make a change. You are stronger than you think. I want to challenge you to grow. I want to challenge you to face your problems with your full strength. 

I believe in you and what you can do!! 

Use this 7-day to challenge yourself and also be realistic in your commitment. 

The next step is to learn the Wildman Workout

Prepare yourself and watch the Wildman Workout now. 

Instructions for the Wildman Workout