Your Wildman is in a Cage

You can set him free - and it is not so difficult to do! 
It starts with taken control over your body and have daily practice.
I want to invite you to do The Wildman Workout for 7-days to free your Wildman from his cage.

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There are a few things that can be great to know:

1) I have sent you two Emails:
One email to wish you welcome to this challenge.
One other separate email to log in to the course platform. 

2) The Course Platform
The course platform will give you access to the different versions of The WildHuman Workouts. I have one for 20 min, 30 min and one that is 56 minutes. Each day you will also get a deeper understanding of the different phases of the WildHuman Workout.

You can log-in here

3) Explanation and access to The Workout
Here is an introduction to the workouts.
I have different length of the workout from 20 minutes, 30 minutes to 1 hour. 
The Workout page

4) The Facebook Forum
If you want to meet others doing the Workout and share their experiences, then 
Join the Wildman Facebook Tribe here

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Discover your Wildman Quiz results!

Thank you for being so honest to take the Wildman Quiz. You have done some work to empower your masculine, take care of your body. Your daily practices are probably not so consistent and there is potential for growth. I hope that the 7-day Challenge will motivate you to be even more consistent in your practices to strengthen your own well being. 

You will probably have some good moments in life and moments where you self-sabotage. These old patterns take over and take you in the wrong direction and sabotage your success in both professional and personal life. I believe you are feeling that you feel that you are chasing rather than mastering your life.

You need to make a choice of how you want to live your life. What is really important for you and why it is important to make a change? I want you to look at the different triggers in your life and find ways to turn these triggers into opportunities for growth.

Consistency and good discipline will take you in the right direction. The Wildman Workout can clear out a lot of suppressed emotions and clear the mind. It doesn´t take that much of an effort to improve your quality of life.

I believe in you and your potential.
I believe you are here for a reason - and that you are ready to change!

It is time to learn how to practice the Workout!!

Log in to the course plattform and learn more about The Wildman Workout.

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