It is time to become your penis best friend 

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It is time to be intimate with our penis


Most men don't have a conscious relationship with their penis.
Since most of us have watched porn we are used to seeing huge penises.
They get a bad self-image around their penis.
Do you know what the average size of a penis is?

10 cm?  12 cm?  14 cm? 16 cm?  18? or maybe 20 cm?

The average penis size is 14 cm all over the world and in Europe.
It is 17,93 cm in Congo and South Korea 9,66 cm.

Most men are insecure about their penis and have different feelings about it.
Most straight men hardly ever get the honest opportunity to look at other cocks or discuss their dicks in a rational way.
It is time for you to take an honest look at your penis and listen to what kind of story your penis has. 

Often there is just a demand that the penis is just there to work when you demand it.
We have never taken the time to feel and see our penis with more compassionate eyes.

What do you like about your penis?
Is there something that you don't like about your penis?
Where are you most sensitive?
How do you masturbate? 
Can you go slower?
Can you be more gentle with your penis?
If the penis had words, what would it say?
How can you have a better relationship with your penis in the coming days and weeks?
What are your discoveries about your body and penis? 

The Quest for Finding the Wildman

You have acknowledged the PRESENT SITUATION.
You have determined what you REALLY WANT in these areas. 
You have found MOTIVATION and found deeper WHY's to do this program. 

Let continue the journey by getting key INFORMATION/KNOWLEDGE about the PRACTICES you are going to do so you can take charge of your addictions/bad habits, body and sexuality. 

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