Welcome to The 21-Day WildMan Challenge
NB!! The next challenge begins June 21st 7 pm CEST.

Live meeting on Zoom 4 days a week!!
(it will also be recorded for the group)

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I want to challenge your for 21 days to:

  • Leave Addictions
  • Empower Your Body
  • Take control over your Sexuality
- in a strongly committed container of Men that want to grow and support each other.

Leave your addictions
Bad Habits and Addictions are the silent thieves of your life force energy. It is time to take control of your addictive mind and empower yourself with small daily empowering actions and biohacking techniques.

Empower your Body
Armand and I will give you fun and empowering embodiment practices that will strengthen you and support you to let go of stress in the body. You can begin the day from a place of mental clarity and power. You will increase your vibrations, change how you think, feel and act on a daily basis.

Use Your Rocket Fuel
Athletes, boxers and spiritual practitioners have known it for years.
Your sexuality is your rocket fuel that can transform and take your life beyond what you could imagine. You will learn techniques on how to last longer in bed and take steps towards becoming a multi-orgasmic man. 

Find an Accountable Buddy and be supported by the group 
It will be so much more fun and easy of doing it together.
The gift of being seen, accepted and challenged by others is huge.
We meet every week to set up our practices and commit to each other.
You have also the possibility to have an accountable "buddy" as extra support during the challenge. You will also in the "live" version be added to a forum where you are able to share your experiences and ask questions.

The 21-day WildMan Challenge will Empower your Body, Mind, and Sexuality.


Loose weight
Remove stress
More flexibility
Be in flow


Find motivation
Be proactive
Inner thriven
Take powerful actions
Be at ease


Last as long as you want
 No performance anxiety
 Have fun
 Explore deeper intimacy
 Be confident
 Full body orgasm

How is it like?


• A challenging program with daily exercises and training!! It is for you that is ready to change your life and be the man you long to be!

• Daily Workout on Zoom every day. So, you get all the teachings live and fresh.
If you can't join the class you will have different versions of the Workout available and the standard versions of 20, 30 and 56 minutes workout.


A total of 4 live classes (recorded on the solo version) on Zoom Video Conference with in-depth knowledge/exercises and process work.

• Weekly pdf files (3) and teaching modules with cutting edge knowledge, exercises, and instructional teaching videos. You get even the 49 pages PDF: The Path of the Multi-Orgasmic Man with the most powerful sexual practices.

• Powerful Committed Community that is empowering you and keep each other accountable. 

• Access to a secret forum to share experiences and receive support anytime.

What do people say?

Ville Finland
I am not the same man anymore. My whole body is vibrating. With women, oh my god. I let their beauty shine, and I am in love. Other men respect me now. They come to me and ask.
Carl UK
It's day 13 - doing the exercise for 2 weeks and I have noticed things are changing. I have been more open and intimate with my wife probably making love more times last week than last 6 months.
Yossi US
I got touch with my body and masculinity. The rawness and more alive - getting into live with myself. People respond differently to me.

What if.....

......this challenge would teach you to make love for longer than 30 minutes or more? What would it do to your self-esteem and confidence around your partner?

......this challenge would make you feel better in your body, have better emotions and a peaceful mind on a regular basis. How would that affect the quality of your life?

.......one idea from The 21-day challenge made you 1 % better every day? How much more effective and productive would you be in 21 days or 6 months?

You are the one you are waiting for.
Don’t miss your the opportunity to live the life you dream of.

Join the 21-Day Challenge

The Power of Brotherhood

Men coming together in Koh Phangan

Join a group of Brothers into the Wilderness to Empower you to find your inner WildMan and Mature Lover. 

If you are like most of us, you have given away your truth to have a career, to please your partner or to follow the norm. The consequences are that you feel a bit empty inside. Instead of feeling it, you might have numbed yourself down with addictions or bad habits. Valuable time can be used with meaningless activities, social media, porn or masturbation. The problem with these activities is that they steal your life force energy and focus. You might feel a lack of deeper meaning, purpose and lack of intimacy with yourself and a partner.

The Wildman is calling you to find him inside of you.

Do you hear the Wildman calling you to step into the wilderness and dedicated 21 days of your life to make a change? The great thing is that you don't need to do it alone. You will get the support of a powerful and dedicated group and facilitators that live these practices. They will inspire you to become the man you long to be.

We have made it possible with sliding prices due to Corona

We know that many people can experience a difficult time with a lot of insecurity around the future, their job and the future of economics. It is, therefore, more important than ever to do the inner work and have a clear mind.

We don't want to stop anyone from doing the challenge if they really want and need it. We have therefore reduced our prices and giving you sliding price options. I have also opened up for a donation button, where you can donate what you can to join the Challenge.

Donate here

The 21-day Wildman Low Income

  • The next Wildman Challenge starts on May 11th at 7 pm CEST. 

  • 4 Live Workouts on Zoom every week. (see schedule)
    You will also have access to all pre-recorded workouts.

  • Weekly LIVE Zoom Conferences
    We meet at Zoom to learn, commit, support each other.
  • Weekly pdfs and instructions videos.
    1 PDF for Addictions/empowerment habits and 1 PDF for you to become a Multi-Orgasmic man. 

€50 €199

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+0% VAT

Billed once

The 21 day Wildman Middle Income

  • NB!! The Next Live Version will start May 11th 7 pm CEST/6 pm UK time.

  • 21 days of Daily Workouts on Zoom in the morning.
    Also access to different recorded Workouts, 20 min, 30 min and 56 min.

  • Weekly LIVE Zoom Conferences
    We meet at Zoom to learn, commit, support each other.

  • 3 weekly pdfs and instructions videos.
    1 PDF for Warm-Up and Workout, 1 PDF for Addictions/empowerment habits and 1 PDF for you to become a multi-orgasmic man. 

  • Active secret group to share and Q/A and motivate each other.
    The group is there to support, inspire and deepen the practices.

€99 €199

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+0% VAT

Billed once.

The 21 day Wildman Good income

  • The Next 21-day Wildman Challenge starts May 11th 2020 at 7 pm CEST.

  • 4 Live workouts on Zoom + recorded versions
    Access to daily motivational videos before and during the challenge.

  • Weekly Zoom meeting Online
    We meet at Zoom to learn, share and commit to deepen our practices. 
  • 3 weekly pdfs and instructions videos.
    Weekly pdf with knowledge and exercises to understand and deepen the practices.

€149 €299

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+0% VAT

Billed once.

Money-Back Guarantee

I promise you I will deliver you the best quality possible and that the course will be of the highest standard. I only want to have satisfied clients, so if for any reason should not be happy with the training after 7 days, provided you have been following the exercises and instructions, you will get the money back.

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