The Integrated King

Martin Luther

The Integrated King is heart-centered. He is living by universal principles, deeper values, and sticks to them also in times of crisis. He is balanced in his masculinity and femininity. He speaks the truth, listens for truth, and dares to act upon the truth. He is balancing the masculine and feminine principles, and he holds both polarities. 

He looks for opportunities, but he is not afraid to address the shadows and darkness. He creates and inspires creativity. He acts (proactive), rather than reacts. He lives with integrity. He keeps his words and can ask for forgiveness.

The Integrated King is the space holder of ritual space, and he can transform situations into healing gifts for everyone and everything. He is mature and knows his potential and limitations. He also knows the potential and limitations of situations and relationships he is encountering. He is listening to all the views and get an overview of the situation before he brings order from chaos with a clear strategic plan for actions. He has practical wisdom - the knowledge of how to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. He sees, blesses, and want to empower people to become the best version of themselves.

The Integrated King protects his inner and other realms (his psyche, home, community, land, and the Earth) with clear, strong, and flexible boundaries. 
He has a strong integrated Lover. He knows about Sacred Sexuality and protect and set boundaries for his home, partner (and children). He protects Mother Earth from destructions, and he acknowledges all living things as sacred. He fully embraces the mortality in himself and all living things.

My Journey into to Rise as a King


I had been on a spiritual path for many years.
But it was the sacred medicine of ayahuasca that supported me to find and Liberate my inner Wildman.

I drank ayahuasca, and a voice said to me: ”You have to leave your tantra school.
You are not speaking your truth.
You have just adopted a set of behaviors and thinking from your teacher.
You have to leave to find your voice - find your truth and learn to sing your song.”

It was a start to use soul medicine and travel to Peru to dive deeper into my heart and soul.
I could let go of old pain and distrust towards myself.
I got confident to trust my heart and soul, and I married my heart and soul that day.
My life commitment is to live in alignment with my heart.
When I do, I am loved and loving. I am taken care of by life itself.
So, far it has been working beyond what I could imagine. 

I could also see and understand how we are creating our own reality.
If I act from fear, I will experience anxiety.
If I move from love, I will receive and attract more love into my life.
It is a love of nature.
It is that simple.
When I say love, it is to see that there is only one consciousness here in many forms.
When I am genuinely loving, I see everyone as my self.
They are me, in different forms and with different levels of consciousness.
You can correct others, but you are doing it for everyone's sake. I believe our greatest challenge and opportunity are to live like that. It takes some practice and trust to do this. 

Therefore, self-love and self-discipline are vital components. I have to live what I teach. The more I live that, the more powerful life I will have and the powerful interactions will I have. I will attract the environment and situations from what I believe and live from. 
When I am not in that level of consciousness, then I do what I can to come back to self-love and come back to who I truly am.

The next it to dare to be true to myself and others, while I am interacting with them. It is not always easy, so it is also important to be aware of also the relationship I keep. And my relationships are my greatest mirrors, tests, and reflections. 

I am here first to serve, support others to grow into who they truly are. I am here to awaken people. Dare to set the light on the darkness. Dare to shine. Feel my heart. Go slow. Live as love, speak the truth, and have the courage to fight for what I believe is right. I want to have the courage to speak about injustice and victimhood. 

It is time to surrender and fight for that love. It is time to burn and give my life to that. It is time to speak from that. It is time to be that!! 

Reclaim Your Inner-Throne Exercise


I made this exercise with my friend Eivind Skjellum from Reclaim Your Inner Throne when we developed an archetype workshop a few years back.
It is a powerful exercise to explore the shadows of the king and reclaim back your inner throne.

Find four pillows.
Put two pillows on each side of you and one pillow in front of you.
Put one pillow behind you.
The pillow to the right of you is a place of your Weakling King tendencies.
The pillow to the left is the place for your a Tyrant King tendencies.
The pillow in front of you is your Integrated King.
The pillow behind you is the position of your spiritual advisor/wildman.

A) Meditate and find out who is sitting on your inner throne.
B) Go to different positions. 
C) What does the weakling inside of you want to say to the Inner King?
D) What does the tyrant want to say to the inner king? 
E) What does your advisor have to say to you and the constellation? 
Allow your self to express and feel the emotions in different positions.

Step C - E again until you get more clarity on the dynamics and patterns. 
Make as many rounds; you need to feel complete.

Can you now claim your inner throne?
Ask or demand the person that is sitting there to step down from your throne.

If you have reclaimed your inner throne, what do you want to say to the king that was sitting on the throne before? Can you thank him for the time he has been there? What does he have to say to you from his/her new position?

What does your inner king want to express?
What would he say about you?
Your life, your practices, lovemaking, relationship, life purpose?
What is essential for you to focus on in the time ahead. 

Stepping into the Integrated King in Your Life

Aragon King

Are you ready to be 100 % truthful and take full responsibility for your life? 

The whole wildman program has had an intention for you to build your strength, your integrity, and to find your inner king. A King that takes charge of his destiny and that also not deny his weaknesses or the difficulties of life. The king creates the life he wants and dares to express his needs, his wants, and knows how he wants to live his life.

If we are ever going to invite another King into our lives, we rather have a strong Integrated Inner King. A strong Inner King will priority his partner. He is willing to be fully committed to a relationship. He is choosing his partner over other men. It is a kind of death in that and takes a lot of strength and courage. He knows it is a sacrifice, but he knows it is needed to build a solid kingdom. He knows he can find every other man in his chosen man. He is loyal, fair, and has integrity. Think about this: In Norwegian, we say: Ekte-Mann to a man that is married. Ektemann means a real man in direct translation. He trusts his power. He has trust and faith in his abilities to create a good home and be a good King for his Queen.

He is balancing the different aspects (his own needs and have healthy priorities in his work/life purpose, intimate relationship, family, friends, development) in his life to build a solidly sustainable kingdom.
Now it is your time to find your heart, your voice, and words.

What are the fundamental guiding principles of your Inner King? 


Well done - let us continue to strengthen our inner king by making a declaration.

We are getting ready for the King's Speeches!!

I want to learn more about the KingĀ“s Speeches