Welcome Warrior - It is time to Rise 

We live in a time where the Mature Warrior archetype is more needed than ever. 

The Mature Warrior is serving a higher purpose.
He has noble virtues and sticks to his values even in challenging times.
A mature Warrior has a strong body and mind.
He is willing to sacrifice his own comfort to protect what he/she believes in.
He works hard to make a difference in this world.  

Most people are living in the passive shadow of the warrior.
They are holding their power back in fear of inflicting pain on others. Instead, they are becoming a masochist and inflicting pain on themselves. They have not learned to cultivate and use their inner fire and the inner fire create pain in their own body. 

Other people live more in the active shadow of the warrior where they are consciously or unconsciously trying to control and create suffering on others. 

We all know that when we are being emotionally triggered, it can be easy to start to fight with others. We are then not able to contain our inner fire and therefore creating pain towards others.  

It is time to find and cultivate the Mature Lover and we do that by daily being in touch with our inner strength and power.

This workout will support you to strengthen your Warrior!!

The Wildhuman Warrior Workout  will Strengthen your inner Warrior 


Kundalini Yoga
Martial Art
Breathing Exercises


Find motivation
Be inner thriven
Live by your values
Take powerful actions
Be at ease

Release Stress

Release difficult emotions
 Transform into power
 Find new clarity
 Be proactive
 Stay strong

The Wildhuman Warrior Workout

  • You will strengthen your inner warrior!

  • It is easy to follow the workout on the video!
  • Cool music will take you deeper in your inner warrior
    You will have access to the songs on Spotify and also a finished mix on Soundcloud. 

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