Your Wildman is in a cage

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Thank you for being so honest to take the Wildman Quiz. You have done some work to empower your masculine, take care of your body and addictions. Your daily practices are probably not so consistent and there is potential for growth.

You will probably have some good moments in life and moments where you self-sabotage. These old patterns take over and take you in the wrong direction and sabotage your success in both professional and personal life. I believe you are feeling that you feel that you are chasing rather than mastering your life.

You need to make a choice of how you want to live your life. What is really important for you and why it is important to make a change. I want you to look at the different triggers in your life and find ways to turn these triggers into opportunities for growth.

I believe you also need to have more discipline in your life around your bad habits, your body, and sexual energy and have some healthy good routines in your life. Consistency and good discipline will take you in the right direction. I believe you need a buddy that keeps you accountable and support to see more of your shadows. It is so much more fun and effective to do it together with someone.


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I have also a Free 7-day Wildman Workout Challenge, where you can empower and challenge yourself.

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