Welcome to Week 10 - Liberating the Wildman and Rise as a King

Week 10

We are getting closer to the end of the Wildman Program – only one week left.
Let us finish strong so that we can have a well-earned celebration.

I am pleased with the work we have done. We have had our own ups and downs individually and also as a group. Growth is not always easy. It takes courage and stamina to stay on the path. 

Think about where you were for about three months ago. 

Can you experience any in your body?
What about your sex life? 

Do you know more about your childhood and ego strategies?
Do you have a more profound presence?
Do you have more practice in your sex life?
Have you got a better understanding of the dynamic in the relationship?
Yes, I believe you can feel some changes in different areas of your life. 

I also know that some practices can take a long time to integrate and live by. I believe some of the techniques are lifelong. I, therefore, hope that many of the exercises will be an ally for you for the rest of your life and that you find your unique way to practice and develop them. 

This week we will look at the King archetype.
This is an opportunity to claim your inner throne and become a King in your own life.
How do you live, and how do you want to Live your Life?
What are your guiding principles, and how do you want to live by them?
How do you protect (boundaries) your inner and outer kingdom?
Are you ready to marry yourself?
Are you willing to be authentic, do yourself, whatever consequences?
How do you want to live your life, with or without a partner?
How do you want to build and protect your kingdom? 

The Integrated Inner King is heart-centred and knows who he truly is, he has visions, and plans and makes these plans into reality for the benefit of himself, his relations, the community and all living things.
The Inner King has healthy boundaries and has warriors to protect them.
The Inner King has an Integrated Lover and sees the beauty of the world and protects that beauty.
He loves his partner and can make love for hours and use that sexual energy to benefit himself, his partner and his kingdom. 
He comes from a place of gratitude and service, and he can transform the situations into healing gifts for everyone and everything. 

Let us for the last time go back to the fairytale.
Our boy/gardener/prince proposed to the king to marry his son the previous week after winning the tree apples.
This week it is time for a wedding.


For the last time we are returning to our fairytale:

Let us for the last time go back to the fairytale. Our boy/gardener/prince proposed to the king to marry his daughter the last week after winning the tree apples.
This week it is time for a wedding.

His father and mother came to the wedding, and were in great delight, for they had given up all hope of ever seeing their dear son again. 

While they were sitting at the wedding feast, the music suddenly stopped, the doors opened, and a proud king came in with a great retinue.
He walked up to the youth, embraced him, and said, "I am Iron Hans.
I had been transformed into a wild man by a magic spell, but you have broken the spell.
All the treasures that I possess shall belong to you."


The story takes an unexpected turn.
The Wildman was once a great, mighty king.
But a terrible spell made him into a wild man.
The boy/the gardener/the prince has by taking the hero’s journey and found his inner king.
He has also been helping the Wildman to break his spell, so he could also return as a King. 

When we are rising as Kings in our own life, we will naturally support others to do the same.


Rising as a King - Becoming Sovereign


When you are stepping into the archetyping energy of your king, you are doing your work not only for yourself.
You are doing the work for all your relations.
You also give others permission to shine and be free.
You can become an inspiration for others, and by living your truthful and heart centred life, you will also give blessing and compassion to others. There is no need for competition.
You start to experience that there is only one consciousness here, and we are here to support each other to grow – to love and be loved.

 As a liberated Wildman and as a King, you have a lot to give.
You will have greater tolerance and have the ability to lift people up to their greatness, and you are not tolerating bullshit either.
You set necessary boundaries, and you protect your inner and other kingdoms.
You also know that not everyone wants to grow and become who they truly are.
You have patience and compassion for them too.

This week is dedicated to strengthening our Inner King and clarifying how we want to express this King's energy into the world.
Our society needs brave people daring to speak and live their lives from a heart-based, transparent leadership. 

As in the wildman story, our hero’s journey started to break free from unhealthy cultural conditions, lack of conscious sexuality and negative imprint of our mother, father and closest relations.
We were getting support from inspired elders that have been brave to be true to themselves and teach a more conscious way of being.

Everyone has to reclaim their inner throne and find their inner king, trust their inner voice and gradually build their own inner and outer kingdom. The most important for any human being is to be true to their heart and soul.

The Wildman Program has been created out of that, and my deepest intention is that you will strengthen your Inner King qualities. 



It is time to strengthen our Inner King.

First, we have to find out who is sitting on your Throne.

Next lesson: Who is sitting on your Inner Throne?