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A man who is relaxed in his body and fully owns his libido, creates a safe and grounded presence in his life. He knows and can ask for what he wants and at the same time stay open to the unexpected. He knows his limitations and have access to his vulnerability.


A woman deeply grounded in her body and fully in her truth has the ability to choose to surrender in the right setting because she has clear boundaries. She trust because she has access to her strength and dare to stop if things are not feling right. 

Unfortunately, most men and women struggle to be grounded in their body and experience real intimacy because of childhood, past experiences and cultural conditioning. 
Men can often be needy and try to do the right thing. 
Women have a tendency to give their self away for being loved and appreciated. 


The Wild Embodiment is a Rite of Passage where men and women are invited to do shadow work alone and together. We dive into the inner landscape of Archetypes and personal stories to heal and build foundation for real intimacy and live the life we really want.


The Wild Embodiment is for everyone that wants to live a truthful life and dive deeper into their essence.  It is an opportunity for you to live more from the Mature Masculine and the Mature Feminine Qualities and give raise to your Inner King or Inner Queen. 



We will learn and explore:

·      A map and conscious exploration of essential Archetypes 

·      Understanding of trauma and the importance of being in the Window of Tolerance

·      Men and Women Circles with Forgiveness and Blessing ritual

·      The unhealthy and healty use of anger and vulnerability.

·      Explore Eros/Libido practices to devlop Deeper Self-Love.

·      Breathwork and Movement

·      Inquiries and Authentic Communication

·      Consensual Touch 

·      Ritual Play


 There will be no nudity during the retreat.

Why take The Wild Embodiment Workshop?

You want to explore and change your subconscious programming to live more aligned with yourself and your highest potential.  

You want to understand and heal your self-sabotaging behaviour of your inner child and primal conditioning. 

You want to explore your healthy masculine and healthy feminine qualities. 

You want to build a deep foundation based on who you really want to be - instead of programs from the past.  

Yes, I am ready!

How is it like?


• 4 days of training in Deep Exploration with your primal conditioning, inner child, archetypes to practice deeper self-love and self-acceptance. 


The Wild Embodiment

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