Introduction to De-armouring


De-armouring or deep emotional healing is as old as humanity itself. There is nothing new about it. It existed all around the globe and can be found in most old traditions in one form or another. 

The intention of bodily de-armouring is to open the body up to a more natural energy flow, where the person feels relax and happy in their body. We want to support the person to let go of pain, tensions, blockages, emotional or energetic trauma in a safe, healthy and loving way. 

We want to have a more free flow of energy in the body. When there is free flow energy, we are feeling happy, relax and in flow in life. When we are increasing the amount of energy in our body we are starting to feel better emotions and we can be happy for no particular reason. The opposite is true if when we are tensing the muscles and having a lot of stress and difficult emotions. The de-armour process wants to take us out of the pain/fatigue cycle

More introduction to dearmouring 


The 'armour' accumulates within the body through childhood trauma, everyday stress, dealing with emotional upheavals, fears, painful experiences in life, emotional wounds of past sexual relationships, or karmic pains.
Every time we are under stress we contract and sometimes we stay contracted even after the stressful situation had passed.
This is especially true for intense and painful experiences. 

Those unresolved pains are “stored” in our 'pain body'. 

The pain-body is a collective pool or energy field within a human. 

If not dealt with and released, this pool of emotional/energetic contraction will eventually manifest in dis-ease, a painful and tired body, a lack of vitality or will to live, depression, lethargy, or any number of other ills. 

De-armouring is a way of engaging with the 'pain-body' and helping it express and integrate those old wounds, leaving it soft, supple and healthy.
The results can be life-changing and permanent. 

Know that the armours are there for a reason


We are getting armored from different stresses and traumas from life. It happens all the time in everyday life and in different situation. When we sleeping, meditating or get deeply relaxed and present we are letting go of tensions in our body. We de-armor. 

Most armouring’s comes from daily stress over a long period of time.
Sometimes very stressful situations and traumas can happen when our nerve system is not able to cope with the stress of the situation.
Our body can, therefore, store pain and can sometimes store memory in the body.
This stored stress can cause pain, muscle pain and pressure on different nerves in the body.
It will normally be reduced circulation and the cells are not getting as much nutrition and oxygen as possible and the cells don’t get rid of the waste either. 

Have respect for the wisdom of the body and know that the tension is there for a reason.
I don’t believe in forcing the body to open, that can sometimes be a re-traumatization of the person.
Have patience.
We are using trigger-points to trigger the pain and create more circulation in that area.
When we triggering this point in the body sometimes the tension, the stress or blockages disappears by it selves.
The person relaxes.
Sometimes this takes a longer time.
Listen to the body and work to trigger the pain and also inviting the pain out with your presence, love and soft touch.

Now you have learned the basic theory behind de-armouring.

I want to give you the key de-armouring principles in the next sessions.

The power of de-armouring is next