Vaginal De-armouring


Vaginal De-armouring II

How To Become a Multi-Orgasmic Man


You have now learned the fundamental practices to be able to last so much longer in bed. You have learned all the basic methods. I want to take you further. I want you to take a step towards becoming a multi-orgasmic man. 

Taoists have known for centuries how to become multi-orgasmic. Mantak Chia became famous for the book The Multi-Orgasmic man. Many men have practised the techniques in the book, but I have come across few that have had success with it. One of the reasons is that most men who are practising this technique have not been practising Tai Chi/Qigong for years, and they expect to have resulted in a couple of weeks. Most men are not aware of the subtle energy-body – the Chi. Their kundalini is not open. 

The more you are living in alignment with your physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual body, the easier it will be to experience the energy body and have full-body orgasms on a regular basis. Most western people are living busy lives and are not grounded in their bodies. It makes it more difficult to experience this. This is one of the reasons why I created the Wildman Workout. 



So, now you know we can experience a different kind of orgasms. When you are able to move the energy up through the spine, you can have endless orgasms without losing energy. 

How to move the sexual energy from the penis to the spine? 

Your purpose is to have a body full of pleasure. But, there is a roadblock between the penis and the spine. 

Do you know where this roadblock is? 

This roadblock is stopping us from circulating the sexual energy and having full-body orgasms. This roadblock is where many of us store our shame. It is also the place where many men get cancer when they get older. 

Yes, you guessed it right, it is the anus. 

If we are willing to face and transform his shame, it is the high way to opening up the kundalini. 

It is often men’s biggest taboo. Most men are afraid of being feminine or gay, but this is just fears. This is about reclaiming your whole body. 

I remember when I first heard about removing pain in the anus I got scared. Still, I was curious to explore it since it was the fastest way to experience deeper orgasms and full-body orgasms.
It has been one of the best gifts in my life. 


Aneros Helios sync

Anal de-armouring is especially important for men's health and sexual potency. If the anal sphincter is armoured it will hold deep-rooted fears, shame and guilt, and will be physically tight. 

Many men experience that they get excited and sexual energy increases in their base. If their anus is tight the energy will follow the path of least resistance and will flow out of their body. They are then more likely to ejaculate as a way of releasing the pressure. 

Once you start removing that armour and relaxing the sphincter, the energy will be able to flow up into the spine and will re-energise your whole system. It will enable you to last much much longer without ejaculating, thus helping with premature ejaculation problems, and will open the door for experiencing full body orgasm. 

It will take some practice before the sphincter is fully de-armoured, and once fully dearmoured this process needs to become a regular practice to make sure you don't accumulate new fears in your body and contract again. You can do this practice for yourself or with your partner. Once you learn it, it will be easy to do. 

I recommend you to buy an Aneros Buttplug. I recommend you to start with middle size – Aneros Helix Syn Check out: Aneros Buttplug

How to Use the Aneros Buttplug?

Self pleasure

It can be a good idea to go to the toilet, clean and wash before you are doing this. It is a good idea to have an extra set of towels to lay on when you are doing this. 

If you want some extra tricks on how to wash, check out this link: 

When it comes to the anus – the saying ’less is more’ is truer than ever, so take it really- really slow. You will gradually transform the pain into more and more pleasure. 

It is best to keep the aneros still in the beginning. Breathe deeply into the perineum, and relax. When you are breathing in, you may feel in the perineum some pressure and a push towards the anus, almost like you are going to the toilet. 

When you are doing your self-love ritual, and getting closer to the point of no return, start using the Aneros butt-plug. It will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, you will cool down the sexual energy in the penis, and you will become more relaxed. 

When you are using it for the first time, I want you to do it very gently. There can be some pain, stress and also trauma there. I suggest that you are using a lot of coconut oil or lube on the butt-plug and outside the anus. 

Breathe deeply into your perineum and relax on the out-breath. I want you to gently hold the butt-plug outside the anus. Push out in the anus with an out-breath, as you would if you were going to poo. While pushing out, gently insert the buttplug. Relax. Breathe. 

If it is painful for you or your contract in fear, take it out again. Relax for a bit. It can be a good idea to pleasure yourself again. Become aroused again. Then try again. 

It usually doesn't take a long time before you will be used to it and the anus will be more de-armoured. Let yourself be used to having the buttplug inside. 

Take the butt-plug out when it is getting too painful or when you feel you have had enough. Know that sometimes some vulnerability and emotions can come up when you are doing it. Just relax for a bit and breathe into them. Gradually, the pain will disappear, and you can after some time even feel some pleasure there, and you will feel more grounded. You will be less sexually frustrated because you are balancing the sexual energy. 

The more you relax in the perineum and anus, the longer you will be able to last in bed. You will gradually become more and more sexually content and confident. 

Know that the anus needs to contract to have the pumping in the prostate. The pumping happens in the prostate first, followed by intense sensations in the brain followed by ejaculation. The more you can feel the small contractions in the anus, the more control you will have to stop in time. 

You will know when to have breaks and when you need to open the anus because you know that if the contractions gets bigger, you are getting closer to the point of no-return. The more relaxed you are in the anus, the easier it will become to circulate the sexual energy and experience pleasure coming up the spine. When the energy channels are opening, you will have the possibility to experience full-body orgasms. 

You can also use the butt-plug while you are meditating or doing the circulating breathing meditation. It will support you to get deeper in touch with the area of the anus in your body. 

The more you do this, the more you will ground yourself. The full-body orgasms will come when your body is ready for it. 

Congratulations you have completed the course!!

Keep your sexual energy, do the practices and you will be able to last so much longer in bed and take big big steps towards becoming a multi-orgasmic man. Keep using the forum to ask questions to deepen your practices.

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