The Instructions of The Wildman Workout

The Wildman Workout Details

Men coming together in Koh Phangan

Phase I: The Warm-up:
I suggest that you go for a walk, run or dance in order to warm up the body.

Then stop up and start to listen to your body. How are you feeling today? Give it a few breaths. Listening to the body. Breath into your body. Is there any places in the body that have any tension. Breath, move, stretch these body parts.

Give any contractions in the body some movements and maybe some sounds. The power of sounds is amazing and healing. Run, stretch, dance, massage.
The do the chiqong movements to connect us to the ground and the sky above us:

1) Iron Shirt – Horse position – Focus on the ground, bend your knees, push forward the hips and hold the hands like you are embracing a tree.
2) Hands out – left upwards and right downwards
3) Hands up and have a space between the thumbs.

Breath, relax. Keep the mind expanded.

Listen to your body and find a joyful and powerful to start the workout. Feel free to experiment with different movements and practices. It is like you are hunting for places where you can find some stiffness. Move slow. Gradually, you will be more grounded in the body. You might get in touch with the more subtle parts of the energy stream in your body, the chi (energy) after a while. It will become easier to feel the chi when you also have stopped ejaculating.

The Second Phase: HOO
Hoo is designed for you to unblock your sexual energy and ground yourself deeper. You are raising your hands up, jump and landing on flat feet. Using your voice is great. The Ahoo sound will support you to get in touch with a more profound masculine sexual energy power inside of you. It is taken from Osho’s dynamic meditation.
You can find more information about the instruction here:

The Third Phase is the Work-Out phase.
You do the push-ups, sit-ups, side-sit-ups, the plank and jumps or squats. The purpose is that you find your edge of the strains and go a bit beyond.

We are kick-starting the sympathetic nervous system. See if you can go a little bit over the edge of your comfort zone. We do this to activate the core muscle groups and bring the blood pressure up. Keep breathing and see if you can relax and feel into the muscles while you are doing the different exercises.

The Fourth Phase is Shaking and The Trauma Release Excercise
Let the shaking come from deep in the legs and allow the movement to be random. Lean backward, open the jaws, make some sounds and let the shaking come from inside. Don’t do it, allow it to happen and let it gradually increase. Surprise yourself with what kind of movements you can do. Again, feel free to use some sounds. The body is faster than the mind can cope with, and it helps you to get out of your mind and into your body slowly. Dare to be a bit crazy. Letting go of the mind. Enjoy, shake and let go.

Trauma Release Exercise

It is helping you to release stress and tension in the muscles and the body. You might not feel so much in the beginning, but it is beneficial even though. It can be an excellent exercise to lift up the tailbone and activate the back muscles to enhance the shaking. I recommend to do it as a morning practice to start the day from a relaxed masculine presence.

The Fifth Phase Meditation
It is time to come to silence and relax the body and mind. Sit up straight and observe the breath.