Daring to experience Poverty


We read from our story that the Wildman leaves the little boy. He was testing the presence of the boy to help him to develop more profound presence. My whole mission with the Wildman is for you to grow a deeper experience of presence and learn how the sexual act can become a sacred act that takes you closer to the divine.

Most men (and women) never dare to follow their truth because they might experience poverty. They follow their conditional career path that felt safe and what was expected of them.
They become a loyal servant of a company and a boss.
They might have a great career and earn a lot of money, but inside of their heart, they are most likely empty.
They have not dared to let go of the primal conditioning and experience poverty to find their true path.

If they dare to break out of the conditioning, they might find a teacher to stay with – a Wildman or a Wildwoman that teaches them something important in life. 
It is easy to put this person on a pedestal and glorify him or her. 
It is easy to give away our power and responsibility to that teacher, unconsciously thinking that I am saved by the teacher’s feet. The story of Iron John, the fairytale, warns us to be at teachers feet too long. It is to go and live your own unique life – takin fully responsiblity for it. 


Daring to experience poverty part II


It is great to learn about the transcendence and the holy waters of life, but the real practice is to be in real life situations. 

So, there comes at least one time or in actuality many times where we are asked to trust our intuition and take the next steps through the fear to live our own lives. It is also important that teachers/gurus invite their students to leave them when they have received their teachings and it is important for students to leave their teacher when the time is right for that. 

I believe this is a primal fear in many men to step into this unknown path since most of us are getting recognition for being a provider, have a good income and a house. The fear of survival and recognition keep us from living a true life.

When the time is right, it is important that we dare to lose some economic stability, but by taking this courageous step, you will find deeper strength in your being. It is time to do kitchen- and inner garden work.

Therefore, prayer, finding a transcended identity and being conscious about your values is important. In order to make changes on the physical level of life, we must go through a transformation as we begin to trust our inner strength and wisdom.

Doing Kitchen and Garden Work!

.....and being surprised by the outcome....

Blessed by doing the work