The Wildman Program

Welcome to Week 1

It is time to start the practice

Week 1

You have had a good start by:
- acknowledging the present
- finding your motivation and your deeper why for joining this program.
- you have been introduced to the fundamental wildman practices.
- and you have set your commitments for the first week.

Week 1 is all about finding the Wildman at the bottom of the lake.
We want to start owning our masculine power and become trustable men. 
We do so by doing some healthy masculine discipline and doing the three fundamental Wildman Practices:

1) Leave addictions/bad habits
2) Do morning practice - Wildman Workout
3) Keeping the sexual energy.

The intention of the next pages is to support you in these practices.
You can start planning your activities by using the Eisenhower Matrix.
By also planning your week and your day you can find it easier to have time to add the Wildman Practices and meetings into your schedule.

The final page for week 1 is to get a deeper understanding of the Love Archetype and how we can use that to become more conscious of how the sexual energy is working, how we can last longer in bed, and avoid Erectile Dysfunction and become a better lover. And most of all become better lovers for ourselves. It starts with your own self-love practice.

I wish you a great week.

Good luck with the first week.

Planning your Activities