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The next round starts September 26th 2021

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Are tired of feeling powerless in your life?
In your relationship or at work? 

Do you want to live with a stronger presence, self-respect and purpose in your life?

Do you want to be a confident Tantric Lover? 

The Wildman Program supports you to find back your own dignity, your own self-respect and to set healthy boundaries for yourself and others. 

You will learn to embody your life force energy and become an empowered Wildman in bed, in your relationship, and in life.

By taking The Wildman Program you will learn how to develop a deeper presence and increase your ability to create a strong, healthy relationship. 

You will learn how to have mind-blowing s...x, more intimacy and a deeper connection to your loved one.

Your woman will be happy and so will you.

Why take The Wildman Program?

– You want to own your balls in bed, relationship and at work!

- You are ready for a change and to grow as a man - NOW.
You are tired of making the same mistakes or not making the improvements you want. 

You want a more profound purpose in your life.
 You are tired of giving your balls away to your boss, colleague or woman. 

You want to master your sensual life force energy, 
You are tired of feeling drained after lovemaking.

You are ready to Liberate your inner Wildman and live a free Life
Making a difference for your self and others!!

You are ready to find and live your Truth.
Not anybody else truth or my truth. YOUR Truth!!
That is the way of a true hero.

You are ready to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life.
No excuse! No one to blame! You are the creator of your life!
The shit – is your Shit. Your glory is your Glory.
That is what creates presence, masculine power and makes you attractive.

Do you dare to walk on that path? Do you dare to be that wild?


Join the Wildman Program

By taking The Wildman Program you will take your Sexuality, Relationship and Life to the next level. 


Be in flow


Find motivation
Inner thriven
Take responsibility
Be proactive
Take powerful actions
Make a difference


Last longer
Consensual s..e...x
 The art of touch
 Explore deeper
Take her to God


Build a Foundation
Attachment styles
Practices for:
Deeper intimacy
Fewer conflicts

How is it like?

About the program

• A challenging program with daily exercises and training!!
It is for you that is ready to change your life and be the man you long to be!

• 2 Weekly live evening classes (normally on Thursdays and Sundays) on Zoom Video Conference with in-depth knowledge/exercises and process work.

• 4 optional Wildman Workouts sessions - Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

• 10 PDFs and teaching modules with cutting edge knowledge, exercises, and instructional teaching videos.

• Powerful Brotherhood that is empowering you and keep you accountable. 

• Access to a secret forum to share experiences and receive support anytime.

The Wildman Weeks

Week 1 - 4

We are starting the journey to find the Wildhuman. We do that by setting up some key practices for ourselves. We commit to leaving addictions, do daily practices and keep our sexual energy. We get a deeper understanding of our addictive mind and understand how the addiction cycle has been running our life. By being in a supportive environment we will be able to hold our sexual energy for a longer period and feel the empowering habit it is.

We get a deeper understanding of childhood conditionings and patterns in week 3. We get tools and set up practices to break some of these core patterns. We are ready to release the Wildhuman from the cage and take deeper responsibility for our life. In week 4 we are cleaning up our inner and other garden - friendships/relationships and learning tools and practices to be more embodied in our bodies. 


Week 5 - 7

We are exploring the Art of Touch and Tantric Lovemaking in week 5-7.
We begin to set the container for touch and intimacy.
You will learn the basic of The Wheel of consent and other practices to get a deeper authentic connection. Tools of communication, touch, de-armouring the body and the sacred body parts are some of the practices you will get to understand. You will have a deeper understanding of the deeper tantric sex and I promise you that quality time in bed will increase drastically during and after the course. 


Week 8 - Taking Steps towards your Life Purpose

What we are doing in life determine a lot of our quality of life. Most men and women that are on the spiritual path is searching for a job of higher meaning and purpose. The Wildhuman story will give you clear feedback where you are on your path to living your life and soul purpose. 


Week 9 and 10 - Tools for a Healthy Relationship and Liberating Your Wildman

Paal has developed a Wildman Relationship Cycle. The model gives you a great overview of the different phases and seasons a relationship is going through. By the support of all the empowering tantric tools and practices during the whole program, you will become so much stronger in the relationship. You will be able to use the relationship as a place to grow and deepen your ability to experience deeper love and intimacy that you could only imagine.

Week 10

The Power of Brotherhood

Men coming together in Koh Phangan

Join a group of Brothers into the Wilderness to Empower your Wildman.

If you are like most men, you have given away your true masculinity to have a career, to please your woman or follow the norm. You lack deeper meaning, purpose and your balls. To hide this emptiness inside of you, you numb yourself down with addictions, meaningless activities – you might please or burst out in anger.
You lack intimacy with yourself and your partner.
The Wildman is calling you to find him.

Do you hear the Wildman calling you to step into the wilderness?
To make a change and take steps towards the man you really want to be.

Testimonial Jefferey


”I just finished the most amazing training on how to awaken the Wildman within! If you’re a man struggling with intimacy, relationships, how to open up a woman, connect with your power, how to be your most sensual self, then you need to reach out to this man! Experience his deep wisdom, profound, wholesome, balanced energy, and his practical powerful approach on how to be a truly empowered raw real authentic tantric man in this world. Thank you Paal! You are the best teacher ever!!!

What do people say?

Ville Finland
I am not the same man anymore. My whole body is vibrating. With women, oh my god. I let their beauty shine, and I am in love. Other men respect me now. They come to me and ask.
Carl UK
It's day 13 - doing the exercise for 2 weeks and I have noticed things are changing. I have been more open and intimate with my wife probably making love more times last week than last 6 months.
Yossi US
I got touch with my body and masculinity. The rawness and more alive - getting into live with myself. People respond differently to me.

The Power of Brotherhood/Community

Join a group of Brothers into the Wilderness to Empower your Wildman!

If you are like most people, you have given away your true essence to have a career, to please your partner or follow the norm. You lack deeper meaning, purpose and your deep grounding. To hide this emptiness inside of you, you numb yourself down with addictions, meaningless activities – you might please or burst out in anger or being passive-aggressive.
You lack intimacy with yourself and your partner.
The Wildman is calling you home.
The change starts with you!

Do you hear the Wildman is calling you to step into the wilderness?
To make that change and take steps towards the person you really want to be.

I promise you.....

......that the Wildman Program will change the way you make love and that you and your partner will be more satisfied. 

......that the Wildman Program will change your life if you dedicate  your self to the practices that are being taught. 

.......that the Wildman Program will support you at work and take you closer to your Life Purpose.  

.....that the Wildman Program will take the current or the next relationship deeper and that you have a way better understanding of the dynamics of the relationship. 

You are the one you are waiting for.
Don’t miss your the opportunity to live the life you dream of.

Join the Wildman Program

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Money-Back Guarantee

I promise you I will deliver you the best quality possible and that the course will be of the highest standard. I only want to have satisfied clients, so if for any reason should not be happy with the training after 20 days, provided you have been following the exercises and instructions, you will get the money back.

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