First Meeting of the Wildhuman

The Power of Being in a community


I hope you are well prepared to start the program now.
It was good to come together and start. 
We are getting to know each other and be of support for each other on this 10-week journey. 
You will join other wild humans that are doing the same practices.
We are committed to growing and we have made our commitments in the group.

You are an essential part of the group!
How you show up matters!
Your practice matter!
Your actions and words matter!
You matter!!
We are influencing each other.
The better we are all doing these practices, the more powerful the challenge will be for you and for the group.

I will do what I can to step up my practices and giving you my best.
I know Kristin and Alexander want to do the same.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood and being a powerful community together are one of the most important keys for this group to become a powerful one.
We might have different roles to play, and I invite you to be who you indeed are.
We are all getting touched by honesty, rawness and authentic expressions.
I challenge you to give your very best!!
You are the one you are waiting for and your dedicated presence is appreciated.

I invite you to become the new you already today.
Step into who you really want to be.
Step into who you want to be.
The more honest and real we can be with each other, the more healing and power we can create.

I welcome your true authentic voice.
I invite you to go on the edge.
Daring to share something you haven’t dared to share before.
In our most profound pain, there is a blessing to be found.
Daring also to show up fully as you are.
You have a gift you can serve your brothers and your relations with.
So, let us use this precious time together and use it wisely.

The truth will set us free.
Consistent practice will make us accountable.
Keeping our commitments will make us trustable.

I am genuinely looking forward to meeting you on our Zoom call.

Feel free to engage yourself in the Facebook group.

Present yourself in the forum and you are ready to go!!

Let's get started.

Congratulations - you have completed The Warm Up:

  1. We have acknowledged the PRESENT SITUATION regarding our BODY, ADDICTIONS, and SEXUALITY.
  2. Determine what you REALLY WANT in these areas.
  3. Find the right MOTIVATION and identify your unique reasons for completing this challenge. You need to have fully know WHY you want to do this.
  4. Get more INFORMATION/KNOWLEDGE/PRACTICES about how you can take charge of your addictions/bad habits, body and sexuality. You will be given the best tools to handle this.
  5. Make a strong COMMITMENT to the key practices.
  6. Have a group of men and BUDDIES that is keeping you accountable and that you can support will support you to have success.

Welcome to Week 1